30th Reunion Group picture.

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Sorry That the Leftmost side is missing on some rows (1 or 2 people not showing up)
But I am working on that. -- Fred

ok here goes the list for that picture that i sent you

first row left to right
Coach Corrotto, Janice Neal Brown, Barbara Morris Spann, Kristen Green
Hankamer, Susie Barnett Elkins, Rosemary White Neal, Linda Felton
Calloway, Martha Reynolds Anderson, Suzanne Johnson Attocknie, Shirley
Tuma Cunningham, Mickey Swank Ward, Laura Hill Cantrell, Pat Griffith
Russell, Cindy Bowlby Bryant, Jan Hopkins Ziegler, Sandy Wilson Sharp,
Susan Donnell Shaw, Margaret Warren Mays, Rheba Russell Massey.

2nd row left to right
Bob Moneypenny, Stan Ciereszko, Butch Smith, Robbie Ham, Joe Logan, Juli
Dixon Martin,Linda Brewster Alleman, Joyce Alexander Jackson, Caren
Brecheen Annesley, Deanna Blancett, Judy Hawk den Daas, Marilyn Martin
LeFlore, Jan Bryan Howard, Brent Livingston, Patti Nolan Grubb, Donna
Williams, Coach Littlejohn, Coach Ernst

3rd row
Tom Gamel, Neil Worster, Susanne Saucier LeVine, Carolyn Kessler Garmon,
Dianne McDaniel Fightmaster, Anita Lester Pearson, Jean Cochrane Bray,
Gene Bray, Larry Gardner, Ken Reece, Phil Elmore, Connie Collins Bosley,
Bill Hetherington, Lanell Layne Burton Wood, Gail Schimelpfening
Roberts, Charlie Gass, Tim Martin

4th row
Judy Long Winn, Karen Coley Gregory, Jack Watt, Nancy Blair Thompson,
Linda Stafford Grotte, Ed Perry, Sharon Pettit Deakins, Jimmy Stewart,
Terry Demastus, Bob Prickett, Lain Adkins, Bob Oliphant, Rick Olney,
Peggy Johnson Falk, Preston White, Brenda Phillips Gass, Sue Dillard

5th row

Jennifer Reynolds Endicott, James Cole, Billie Rogers, Bob Brewer, David
Howse, Tom Annesley, Bobo Angelino, Don Farris, Bill Barnes, Ronny
Bagby, Danny Reinhart, Kathy McGhee Harrison, Bob Wade, Lynn Robinson,

6th row

Jane Meyer Remy, Earline Weaver Smistrala, Jane Ash Yearout, Marilyn
Collins Stookey, David Abercrombie, Walt Shaw, Linda Moss Nauman, Art
DiVecchio, David Johnson, Robert Powell, Tom White, Doyle Argo, Rocky
Landers, Lueon Howerton, Phil Pence