Norman High School Class of 1965
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June 30, 2000 at Brothers on Buchannan Street (Campus Corner).
July 1, 2000 at the Ramada Inn 24th and Lindsey.
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Left to right: Phil Elmore, Connie Collins Ronny Bagby Friday June 30,2000 at Brother's

Left to right: Red-faced Ronny Bagby and Linda Moss (probably?) Friday June 30

Left to right: Denise Thomas, Janie Hankowsky, Lorrie Pearson (background) Friday June 30

Laura Hill, Patti Nolan, Lori Pearson, Denise Thomas

Left to right: Vicki Raymond Masters, Ronny Bagby Friday June 30,2000 at Brother's  

Left to right: Ronny Bagby, Patti Nolan Grubb, Brent Livingston, Linda Moss Nauman Friday June 30,2000 at Brother's

Bagby, Nolan, Collins, Livingston

Caren Breechen

Brewer & Collins

Bryant, Pierson, Weaver

Buffington, Con, Collins, Cathy Livingston (Brents wife)

Cate, Hill, Farris

Collins & Bagby

Collins, Adkins

Collins. Nolan, Cox

Elmore, Collins, Bagby


Ciresco & Gass

Grubb, Bidwell

Jennings, Collins, Cox (Worsters girlfriend)

Jones & Nolan

Moss & Collins

Wampler, Williams, Johnson

Watt, Gass, Collins

Weaver, Booker, Blair, Moss

Worster, Jones

Bill Hetherington,Pat McLaughlin,Phil Elmore,Linda Moss

Fred Buffington, Danny Rinehard and wife

Dan Grubb('63), David Howse

Kathy McGhee, Ron Bagby

Kathy McGhee,MJ amd Danny Rinehart

Laura Hill, Keith Finch, PhilElmore, Jimmy Jones

Lonnie Masters,Connie Collins

Micky Swank, Linda Stafford, Bart Ward

Neil Worster

Patti Nolan, Connie Collins

Paul Steiner,Bill Barnes, Brent Livingston

Peggy Elder,Cindy Bowlby

Peggy Johnson,Sharon Pettit and husband

Ron Bagby Connie Collins

Bagby, Collins

Barnes, McGhee

Booker, Weaver, Collins, Nolan, Bryant, Moss

Brewer, Moss

Brewer & Bryant

Charley, Moneypenny

Ciereszko, Livingston

Collins, Nolan

Cox & Worster

Elder, Olney


Elmore, Hill, Nolan

Farabee, Ciereszko

Gass, Wilsons

Grubb, Logan


Hill, Elmore,McGhee & son

Hill, Jones

Hill, McGhee, Livingstons, Barnes. Reinhart


Johnson, Charley

Johnson, Hankowsky, Lester

Jones & Bagby

Logan, Adkins, Watt

Logan, Johnson, Charley, Nolan, HOward

Logan, Tucker, Charley

Martin, McDaniel, Gass, Grebb

Moss, Nauman, Stookey, Bagby, Collins, Watt

Nolan, Watt, Howse

Nolan, Collins, Elmore

Olney, McDaniel

Phillips, Reese, Tucker

Raymond, Collins, Wampler, Williams

Raymond & Collins

Raymond & Grubb

Raymond, Collins, Moss

Reynolds, Howse


Jim Shaw, Nauman, Walter Shaw

S Johnson

Stafford, McDaniel, Elders, Swank, Ward

Stafford, Cate, Buffington, Jones

Stafford, Cate, Jones


Tucker, Jones

Wampler, Gregg, Phillips

Wampler, Watt, Nolan

Watt, Reinhart, Finch

Worrell, Reese

Dodd, Collins

Cathy and Bob Moneypenny, Fred Buffington, Charlie Gass

Jan Bryant (Howard), Jerry Tucker, Vicki Raymond Masters