Norman High School Class of 1965
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40th Reunion Gettogethers. Saturday at Cobblestone Creek

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Check in at Cobblestone
Creek Saturday

Downstairs at Cobblestone

Another shot downstairs

Not sure exactly where

Going out for the
group pictire

Tim Payne

Getting ready for the
group picture

Some of the bald heads
in the group

After the group picture

After the group picture

Glen Miller,Art Divecchio,
Jan Bryan

Tim Payne,Karen Coley, Jan Bryan in background

Richard Booker,Don
Farris,Russ Dunn

Varonia Farabee,Lori Pearson
Camilla Reynolds,Jimmy Stewart

Vicki Raymond,Varonia Farabee
Mary Wilson,Laura Hill
Jane Meyer,Camilla Reynolds
Jan Bryan

Judy Martin,Glen Miller
Mike Harmon,Walt Shaw,
Ron Bagby,Judy Hawk,
Art Divecchio

Arienne Davis,Laura Hill

Vicki Raymond,Keith Finch

Rocki Landers,Patti
Nolan,Laura Hill

Nancy Blair,David Howse

Connie Collins, Bob Brewer,
Jean Cochrane,
Virginia Schimelfening

Dancing Saturday night

Varonia Farabee, Glenn Miller,
David Gleason, Mike Harmon

IHOP after reunion Saturday

Jan Bryan, Neil
Worster, Nancy Blair

David Howse, Dorella Logan,
Vicki Raymond,
Camilla Reynolds, ??
Jan Bryan, Gloria,
Kerby, Keith Finch,
Nancy Blair, Phil,
Elmore, Sharon Petit,
Cindy Calkins,(on floor) Karen Coley,Varonia Farabee

First Row:Susan
Easterling,Marilyn Martin,
Shiree Hockman, Second
Row:Bill Tankersly,Jane Ash,Lore Pierson,Rheba Russel, Helen
Thayer, Pat Hill, Third Row:
Don Farris, Connie (I think),
Bill Hetherington

Laura Hill, Mary Wilson
Ken Reece

Joyce Anderson?,Don Farris, Jan Hopkins, Bill Barnes

Vivian Bell, Karen Coley

Nancy Blair, Keith
Finch, Rosemary White

Pruda Shank, Kathy Rankin

Sara Worrell ?? Roki Landers
Neil singing