Norman High School Class of 1965
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To save pictures to your hard drive, Click on one of the small pics below, then Right Click on the picture, then select save picture as, and tell it where (directory/i.e.folder) to save it.
There are lots of pictures on Facebook too.

Front row-Phyllis Fox, Mary June Bumgarner, Linda Brewster, Jan Bryan, Donna Williams, Linda Stafford, Sharon Pettit, Nancy Burton, Ken Reece, Patti Nolan, Alesha Timmons, Sandy Wilson Sharp,Linda Felton, Jan Hopkins Second row-Judy Hawk,Joyce Anderson,Carolyn Kessler,Bobby Brewer,Nancy Blair, Carolyn Hughes, Mary Wilson, David Howse, Karen Coley, Jane Meyer, Cindy Bowlby, Tim Martin,Bob Holleyman Third row-Pruda Shank, Kathy Rankin,Vivian Bell, Jimmy Stewart, Tim Payne, Janann Stringer, Richard Booker, Don Frris, Fred Buffington, Tom White,

Fourth row-Wicky Burrow,Gloria Kerby, HQ Binford, Kathy McGhee,Gene Bray,Jeanie Bray, Peggy Johnson, Linda Moss, Walter Shaw, Patricia Jones,Fred Bidwell, Joe Logan,Vicki Raymond
Fifth row-Stan Ciereszko,Connie Bosley, Brent Livingston, John Cate, Barbara Morgan, Jim Jones, Marlyn Martin,Laura Hill, Joyce Anderson, Loe Whinery, Phil Kennon, Camilla Reynolds