Norman High School Class of 1965
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Email Addresses

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[maiden name, if applicable, in parenthesis].
the <more> ,if present, is a link to a page with more info about that person.

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David Abercrombie Steve Albright or
here (in arizona)
Joyce (Alexander) Jackson Bobo Angelino
Joyce (Anderson) Buckner Tom Annesley Jane (Ash) Yearout Ron Bagby
Byron Ballas Larry Bannister Susie (Barnett) Elkins Brian Baum (moved after junior year)
Patricia (Bell) Lindsey Fred Bidwell H.Q Binford Nancy (Blair) Thompson
Cindy (Bowlby) Williams Gene Bray Caren (Brecheen) Annesley
Robert Brewer Jan (Bryant) Howard Fred Buffington  <more> Mary June (Bumgarner) Joseph
Louis Burnett Lanall Layne (Burton) Wood Robert Butler Jerry Buxton
Larry Buxton Cindy (Calkins) Baker John Cate
Judy (Channel) Moore Patricia Charles Ed Charley James Cole
Connie (Collins) Bosley Julie Ann (Cook) Kranker Braden Cross Adrienne (Davis) Stammel
Lynn (Daugherty) Shrewsbury Juliana (Dixon) Martin Gayle (Dodd) Jennings Phil Elmore
Don Farris Linda (Felton) Calloway Dianne (McDaniel) &
Tom Fightmaster
Keith Finch
Tom Gamel Charlie & Brenda (Phillips) Gass Linda (Greb) Nevels Kristen Green
Doug Griffin Pat (Griffith) Russell Susan (Hall) Ambler  <more> Robert "Rob" Ham
Cindy Harper Linda Harrison Judy (Hawk) Dendaas (school) Carl Haynes
  Bill Hetherington Laura (Hill) & David Cantrell Bob Holleyman
Cathy (Holman) Van Denover Jan (Hopkins) Zeigler Jan Howard Lueon Howerton
Carolyn (Hughes) Spiceland Gilbert Humphrey Sue (Ivy) MacHugh  <more> David Johnson
Peggy (Johnson) Falk Patricia (Jones) Mclaughlin Carolyn (Kessler) Garmon Gloria (Kirby) Daniels
Charles Klotz  <more> Margaret LaFon Anita (Lester) Pearson Brent Livingston
Adela (Lopez) Rojas Cheryl (Marler) Chesnut Marilyn (Martin) LeFlore
Tim Martin Bruce McFarland Kathy (McGhee) Harrison Jane (Meyer) Remy
but she never checks her email
Vic Miller Bob Moneypenny Kathy (Moore) Brown Jim and Barbara (Morgan) Jones
  John and Linda (Moss) Nauman Patti (Nolan) & Dan Grubb ('63) (no email)
David Overstreet Pamela (Oviatt) Binninger Pam (Owen) Cates Larry Palmer
Tim Payne website Phil Pence  <more> Ed Perry Sharon (Pettit) Deakins
Tom Pharoh Elaine (Pickel) Johnson<more> Peggy Pierce Carol (Powell) Mallory
Robert Powell Bob Prickett Vicki (Raymond) Masters Ken Reece
Lynn Reed Camilla Reynolds Gloria (Ridenour) Manios Danny Rinehart
Lynn Robinson Rheba (Russell) Massey Jane Van Setten Pruda (Shank) Trujillo
Jim Shauberger Harold Spake Jimmy Stewart
Charles & Marilyn (Collins) Stookey Jack Stricklin Janann (Stringer) Yeager Jim Taylor
Jerry Tucker (more) Kathy Tullius Bill Van Winkle
Stephanie (Warren) Mosqueda
Jacquelynn "Jackie" (Webster) Anderson Preston White [didn't graduate with us but would have.] (1965) Tom White
Don Wilcox Donna Williams (keeps mailing list) Mary Wilson Ralph Wilson   <more>
Mike & Sandy (Wilson) Sharp Brenda (Wyatt) Homburg Brett Yohn Sherry York

Other Email Addresses (Year of Graduation)
Jill (Amspacher) Kinslow (1966) Bob Bernier (1966) Richard Booker (1964) Karen (Boren) Renfro (1964)
Dean Blevins(1973) Donna (Clark) Cook(1966) Allen Coleman (1966) Bill Demastus (1963)
David Foster (1966) Kay (Giezentanner) Divine (1964) Sally (Gregory) Caldwell (1966) Bill Hickman (1966)
Carol (Hickman) Haynes (1966) Linda (Jackson) Davis (1966) Lee Jennings (1966) Toni Johnson (1964)
Sherry (Knight) Stevenson (1966) Lanny Layman (1963) Duane Lester Stephen Lowerl (1963)
Mary Male (1966)  <more> Gan Matthews (1964) Becky (Merliss) Sieg (1966) Bob Moomau (1963)
Jack Morrell (1962) Janet (Morris) Tyrrel (1964) Mike O'Neil (1963 ?) Mary Ann (Pulte) Coleman (1966)
Megan C. Riley (work)
Jim Sandefer (1966) Jim Stallings (1964) Laurie Steinmeyer (1964)
Joe Sterr (1967) Jack Taylor (1966) David Wilcomb (1967)  

Gone but not forgotten
Glenda Amerine 11/97 Arley Anderson 7-98 Burl Autry Sep 2014 Mike Avery 2000
Bill Bavinger 1/98 Virginia Bell (July 2004) (3) Larry Berglan (class of 64)(Aug 2014) Larry Bigbie 09-30-2006
Liz Blair (12/31/2008) ('66) Linda (Blakely) Koonce May 1,2010 Deanna Blancett 12/95 Harold Boston 3/31/2005
Monty Brown (2) John Bumgarner 2003 (5) Van Byars March 2013 Marsha Caldwell 1999
Shirley Calkins (Art teacher) May 26, 2007 Mary (Carpenter) Flinn 2014 Ron Carpenter ('66) Wayne Cheek 1994
Fred Christian 11/95 coach Corrotto 11-26-07 Kathi Coughlin 2-13-96 Bill Crittenden 11-88
Terry Demastus 7-12-2003 Mike Deskin 2014 Art DeViccho Aug.2015 Duane Draper 1990
Tommy Edwards 1994 David Garriott 8-96 Will Gregory (OMA class of 68) 1-18-2007 Marvin (Coy) Gifford 8-17-2005
Joyce Goldfield 9-2000 Tommy Ray Hames Tues, May 21,2002 Janie Hankowsky Van Setten, Jan.2011 Bob Harmon 2015
Pat Hatcher 1994 Jackie Ray Hill, 59, died Aug. 24 at Oklahoma City Sherry Hollingsworth Saunders Mar. 14,2014 Betty Jo McCaustland Hiss 81, Jan. 19,2007 (9)
Helena Johnson 2000 Suzanne (Johnson) Attocknie 9-3-2010 Nancy Johnston 11-70 Evadine Kerr June 9th, 2002. (6)
Mike Kimbrell December 2009 Karole King Gregg 1/1998 Jimmy Gudgel Bill Kocis 10-83
Wray Littlejohn (4) Linda Lutker 1995 David McNabb Donna Manning 1994
Scheryl Marler Jerry Marquis 8-18-08 Judy (Martin) Huffman 12-25-2012 Max Marquardt 2-7-2014 (BBall coach)
David McNabb 11-21-2005 Mark Miller 6-23-08 Luke Munn 12-7-2006 (8) Elaine O'bryant 2000
Bob Oliphant 3-12-2015 Rick Olney 01-27-2012 Harriet Edith Williams Peterson 9-30-2006
at the age of 100
Latin teacher
Marilyn Reynolds
Terry Ross 02-28-78 Dale Russell 12-27-98 Walt Shaw 12-13-2011 Paul Smith (hit by taxi in NYC 2007 ?)
Robert Smith October 2012 Vicki Spires Gail Steinmeyer 1978 <more> Dick Talley 10-19-2007
Rock Tapkin Shirley (Tuma) Cunningham Aug.2015 Jimmy Dale Turner 2003 Robert Van Arsdale- Feb 2000
John Waren Bill Weimar 2010 Jerry West 1999 Bill Wheeler 8-14-2005
Lucille White (7) Tommy Winn 1994 Neil Worster 1-05-2006 Ansel Young VP 80 Nov 18,2000
(2)  Though Monty did not graduate with us, he would have; had he finished
       "on-time". As a result of his 'exploits', he graduated with a later class.
(3)  French Teacher and Pat Bell's mother
(4)  Football Coach and Drivers Ed teacher - Oct 24,2001 (69)
(5)  (principal at west jr high and McKinley - Mary June's father)
(6)  (NHS math teacher)
(7)  our NHS vocal music teacher died Monday May 27,2002. Her daughter Rosemary is in our class
(8)  Former principal of Lincoln grade school
(9)  Home economics teacher while we were in High School

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