Gail Steinmeyer (from Laurie)
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Dear Donna,
Thank you for contacting me. I think it's a good thing to let friends of
Gail know what happened. During college in the late '60s Gail married a
Colombian Eduardo Espinel who had been doing graduate study in the U.S. She
moved to Villavicencio Colombia in 1968; her husband was an agronomist and
Gail taught school. She had three children, first a girl, then two boys.
Gail loved the country and people but the climate didn't suit her
constitution. She developed a number of illnesses which weakened her, and
sadly in the summer of 1978, she died rather suddenly from a  leukemia type
condition. Gail was a lively, happy woman who had tremendous courage. She
was very brave at the end of her life; her loss created a big hole in the
family fabric in Colombia, especially for the three children.  Her husband
eventually remarried and had two additional children. Gail's children are
now grown young men and women and doing well in their lives. We see them
from time to time when they travel to the U.S. Her daughter Lorianna looks
very much like Gail; she's studying art therapy in New York at this time. We
all miss Gail very much; it was very sad, her loss; she's buried in Colombia
in her husband's family's graveyard. Gail was a true heart and lived life
with tremendous gusto. I know she would want to be there for your forty year
reunion, and she certainly would want to be remembered.
We hope your reunion goes well...and say a little prayer for Gail and any
others who've passed away since graduation.
Best to you,
Laurie Steinmeyer-Stallings