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Thanks very much.  I've often wondered why I didn't hear about class reunions,
but I never went to the trouble to find out about them.  I married Bob Ambler,
the guy, whom I met at the O.U. Library working in the Reserve Room.  We both
went to graduate school at Ohio State and became professors ultimately.  We
have lived in East Tennessee since 1973, because he got a job teaching at
University of Tennessee in Speech Communication.  I have taught sociology at
3 small colleges in the area, finally settling at Maryville College about ten
years ago.  I commuted to Maryville from Knoxville until last year when we moved
to Maryville.  We have one child, Joe, and once he graduated from high school
it seemed like a reasonable time to make a change.
So, my address is:  1424 Newbury Ln, Maryville, TN 37803.
I really appreciate your contacting me, although I can't say that I remember
you.  Is Williams your original name or married name?  I'm going home to look
for Donna's and Marilyn Collins in my old Norman High yearbook.  We usually
travel to Oklahoma every summer to visit Bob's mother who lives in Chandler.

Thanks again.

Susan Ambler
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