Phil Pence
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Phil was one of the few married student during high school. "Free" now
and isn't looking. He had 4 boys but has lost one.

I am the  district manager for a company based in Arizona. My office is
in Oklahoma City. I live in Yukon, near at least two '65 NHS grads.
My picture did not appear in any yearbook at any time, so don't bother
looking. There is one exception, I was in FFA and was photographed with
that group, once. If I ever showed up anywhere else, I don't remember

I attended the 35th reunion but I won't likely be attending any more,
much to the relief of many.

Anyway Fred, remember the band we were in during HS. The Detours. (Or De
Tours, as John wanted it) We were pretty salty. We played a few sock
hops for Dale Wehba, Ronnie Kaye... played at the state fair.... what
year was that? About 1964, I think.
Took a long gig at the "Sugar Shack", playing what, 7 nights a week?
That got somewhat boring not to mention that during school, ending the
set at 2:00AM and trying to graduate. The group kinda fell apart. It's a
shame too, we really were pretty good.
I don't know if you know, but Kirk (drummer) was killed in a motorcycle
accident in Okc sometime before 1972. The rhythm guitarist, Bill(?) died
of a heart attack before that. Tina, who sang with us occasionally, I
don't have a clue and you can't give me one. John, I heard moved back to
Tulsa, but I don't know what he is/was doing.
I still have photos from one of the frat parties we played.  I can email
them to you, if you'd like and if I can find them.
I would like to hear from any who remember me, just to salve my ego if
nothing else.

How much were hamburgers at Sandy's? I can't remember. Was it $.17?