Fred Buffington
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Finally got my Degree from OU in Business Administration (Major-Accounting)
in 1976. Worked 2 years  for the Sales Tax  Division (OTC)  as the  Office
manager in  charge of  computer processing. I Worked for a year at Farmers
Union and Journal Record each then worked for 8 years for a local software
company as a programmer company  before going on my  own in 1988.I support
several CPA firms  locally with their hardware  and software as  well  as
selling a  Client Writeup Package for CPAs  on the internet. Now divorced
after  23 years.  We have 2 children  -  6 grandkids  - oldest 24 in 2008
and 5 greatgrandchildren. I live in Norman and lived here all but about
5 yrs. Those 5 years divided amoung Lawrenceville, NJ * New York * and LA.


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My daughter and I June 1999

The Outcasts

a promotional picture of the outcasts (David Suggs is missing because
he was in the army at the time). This was around 1966-1968 approx.
Left to right: David Rennie, Neil Kennedy, Mike McCarty, Fred. (Thanks Rennie).

my first great granchild of 5 (granddaughter's daughter) so far.
As of 2011, she is in the second grade. This picture, of course, was taken
in about 2007 I think and the greatgrandchildren count is up to 7 in 2011.