Norman High School Class of 1965
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Send me 6th grade photos of all the grade schools.
Mail or Email them.

6th Grade photos Need more and help fill in names
6th Grade photos should be from 1958-1959 school year.

Lincoln 5th grade
Thanks to Charlie Gass for this one.

Washington 6th grade
Thanks to Linda (Moss) Nauman for this picture and Marilyn (Collins) Stookey for bringing it over.

Madison 6th grade

       1.Butch Shephard, ______________,Vernon Anderson,Russell Dunn
       2.______________,Cheryl Marler,Yvonne Robbins,Mary Ann Smith,
         Linda Sutherland,Cindy Bolby,Mickey Swank
       3.______________.Donna Evans,____________.Mary June Bumgarner,
         __________,Pat Griffith,Glen Staggs,Linda Downs,J.D.Allison
       4._________.________.Stanley Ciereszko (sp?),Bob Prickett,
         _________,Terry Demastus,Tommy Hames,David Johnson

Thanks to Mary June (Bumgarner) Jospeh for this picture. If you can fill in the missing names, let me know - Fred

McKinley split 5th and 6th grade

       TOP ROW:  ?, Steve Edwards, Mike Anderson, Bill Hetherington,
                 John Krevling,Lain Adkins, Don Farris, Robbie Ham,
                 Don Wilcox, Mrs. Crownover.
       MIDDLE ROW:  Melissa Martin, ?, Margaret Warren, Shiree Hockman,
                   Jane Ash,Anita Lester, ?, Ellen Lack,
                   Susan (Smithers) McCandless, Mary Leonard.
       FRONT ROW:  Dov Ospovat, Perry McAnally, Mickey ?
Thanks to Don Farris.

McKinley 1st Grade
Thanks to Carl Haynes

John Adams 3rd Grade
Thanks to Jim Sandefer

10 year reunion 1975

20 year reunion 1985

25 year reunion 1990